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Kata Practice as it Relates to Practical Application in Conflict
Leo Scott Britt
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2017; 8(1):1-6
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Article type: Review article
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Kata, the series of combat techniques arranged into a “form” for solo practice, is practiced by martial artists during training. With some styles of martial arts moving away from kata practice, this paper analyzes research from multiple fields to determine the worth of including such practice as it relates to preparing the practitioner for practical self-defense. It also seeks to provide recommendations on how kata should be practiced to gain the most benefit.
The following areas of study are analyzed: visualization, muscle memory, safety, adaptation to combat stress, and anaerobic capacity.
It was found that kata provides a relatively safe method of training that, when used in combination of physical training, can provide increases in skill level equivalent to training that incorporates a partner. However to meet this claim, several criteria for practice must be met: The practitioner must have a sound knowledge of the applications of the kata, the attackers must be vividly visualized during practice, and the practitioner should stop if focus is lost and practice in short sessions. In addition, physical practice must accompany mental practice and the kata should be performed with realistic intensity to prevent ingraining bad habits.

ICID 1238656

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