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Fitness Profile of Indian Male Karate Players
Rishna Dalui, Amit Bandyopadhyay
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2016; 7(1):51-55
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Background. Regular Karate training improves physical fitness and protects an individual from potential health diseases. Fitness profile of Karate players have been reported from different countries but pertinent data is unavailable in Indian Karate players. The present study was conducted to evaluate the fitness profile parameters in male Karate players of Kolkata, India and to compare the data with the sedentary control group and their overseas counterparts.
Material and methods. State level male Karate players (n=60, age: 22.73±1.91 yrs) were recruited in the study from different Karate academies of Kolkata, India. Sedentary control subjects (n = 60, age: 22.51±1.53 yrs) with similar socio-economic background were randomly sampled from the same localities. Physical parameters, body composition, flexibility, agility, high intensity effort (HIE) and maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) were measured by standard methods.
Results. Body height, flexibility, VO2max, body density (BD), percentage of lean body mass (%LBM) and LBM were significantly (p<0.001) higher in Karate players whereas time taken for agility and HIE tests, %fat and total fat (TF) were significantly (p<0.001) lower in Karate players than the control group.
Conclusions. Karate training improved the fitness profile and this data would serve as the National standard of the fitness profile in Indian male Karate players. The present finding will help the coaches and sports medicine specialists to implement more specific training.

ICID 1223401

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1223401

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