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Anaerobic capacities and blood lactate responses to wingate tests in male greco-roman wrestlers
Zbigniew Obmiński, Lech Borkowski, Maria Ładyga
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2015; 6(1):43-47
ICID: 1193043
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Introduction. This study aimed to compare LA peak magnitude and its time of appearance after 30s Wingate test performed by arms and legs in elite Polish male wrestlers.
Material and methods. 13 male senior wrestles of Greco-Roman style performed 30s Wingate tests by arms and legs on two successive days in a randomized order. Capillary blood was sampled from earlobe at 8 time points (T): after warm-up (0 min) and then after the tests at +3, +7, +9, +11, +13 and +30 minute. Blood specimens were analyzed for lactate levels. The obtained data were analyzed using two-way ANOVA (limb*time point). Mean and individual functions LA=f(T) were determined, and times of LA peaks were indentified solving the equations d f(T)/dT =0
Result. Legs showed significantly higher mean relative peak power output (11.87±0.92 Watt/kg) and work output (263.67± 17.48 J/kg) than arms, 9.13±0.64 Watt/kg, 216.70±13.41 J/kg. For both tests on the interval [0, +13 min] the functions of LA(T) were represented by the parabolas, while on the interval [+13, +30 min] by the linear regressions. Mean LA peak appeared itself near +9min after Wingate tests, but individual LA peaks were varied and ranged from +7.3 to +11.8min.
Conclusions. During short term post arm-crank and leg-cycle Wingate recoveries changes in LA were represented by U-converted curves with their maximal values appeared near +9 min. Mean power output and work output were higher for the test of legs. and lactic acidosis is higher after higher muscle masses i.e legs, involved in the maximal effort.

ICID 1193043

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1193043

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