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Comparison of the Training Loads of Mixed Martial Arts Techniques in Isolated Training and Open Sparring
Christopher Kirk, Howard T Hurst, Stephen Atkins
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2015; 6(1):15-20
ICID: 1174226
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Introduction. Body worn accelerometry has been shown to be reliable in measuring training Intensity in several sports including MMA and has been used to assign training intensity in sports such as football and rugby, but not in MMA.
Material and methods. Eight male MMA trained participants (age 25.5±4.5 yrs) were equipped with a Catapult Minimax x3 accelerometer between the T3 and T4 vertebrae and completed a series of MMA specific movements in isolation and a MMA sparring bout each (3 x 5 minute rounds). Mean playerload was recorded for each isolated movement and the equivalent movements in the sparring bouts.
Results. Paired sample t tests (p≤0.05) found that jabs, crosses and left hooks had significantly higher playerload in isolation that in sparring, single leg takedowns have higher playerload than double leg takedowns in isolation but not in sparring, whilst takedowns cause significantly greater playerload than strikes in both isolation and sparring according to one way ANOVA (p≤0.05). It was also found that there is no difference in playerload between an unsuccessful takedown and a successful takedown in sparring, either for the offensive participant or the defensive participant.
Conclusions. These results demonstrate the differences in movements in MMA AND can be used to more accurately prescribe training intensity.

ICID 1174226

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1174226

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