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Analysis of judo match for seniors
Ivan Segedi, Hrvoje Sertić, Dario Franjić, Nenad Kuštro, Davor Rožac
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2014; 5(2):57-61
ICID: 1141976
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Introduction. In the last ten years judo sport is experiencing major changes. Coaches and athletes must follow the actualities and, to be successful, adapt training process to current rules and fight style. To bring training process closer to the competition conditions it is necessary to conduct judo match analyzes. That is why the main objective of this work is to analyze the structure of judo match on the Grand Prix level for seniors to help coaches and the athletes to improve their training process and fighting efficiency.
Material and methods. The paper analyses technical solutions in 125 matches of men’s part of competition, and 68 matches of women’s competition. All analyzed matches were part of elimination rounds of Grand Prix Tournament Rijeka 2013.
Results. Statistically significant number of matches ends in stand up position before the end of regular time in both, men and women, categories. Nage waza remain the most important techniques in judo match and the most used techniques in ground position are hold down techniques. Nevertheless, one can find a great deal of specificities through each weight category.
Conclusions. According to the results of performed analysis one can conclude that judo match requires a high level of technical efficiency and the physical ability. The differences in the analyzed variables, which occur between weight categories in the men’s and women’s competition, require an individualized approach in training process.

ICID 1141976

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1141976

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