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Dynamics of judo contests performed by top world judokas in the years 2008-2012
Dariusz Boguszewski
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2014; 5(1):31-35
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Introduction. Analyses of the actions taken at start by the contestants of combat sports can deliver a considerable amount of information for training staff. The purpose of this study was the evaluation of struggle dynamics of top world judokas.
Material and methods. The research has been executed on the basis of DVD records from 70 final combats from the most important worldwide judo tournaments (2008-2012). 108 contestants, representing 34 countries, took part in the fights. The analyses were performed on the basis of method of struggle dynamics measurement by Kalina with the author′s modification. The struggle dynamics is defined by the following indexes: activeness index (AI), offensive activeness (OA), effectiveness of attacks (EA), effectiveness of counterattacks (EC), defensive effectiveness (ED) and the general struggle dynamics index (SDI) – the average of partial elements.
Results. The finalists of the Olympics Games 2012 were characterized by significantly lower activeness (p<0.05) and offensive activeness than finalists of final fights from years 2008-2010. The analyses of events did not show any significant differences of struggle dynamics of women and men. Instead there were noted essential differences in the manner of executing contests between the European contestants and the Eastern Asian ones.
Conclusions. Changes of combat regulations affected decrease of general struggle dynamics of contestants, what proves the lack of sensible conception of modifying judo. The low level of offensive activeness of the judokas (even gold medallists) shows that there are rarer attempts aiming at gaining advantage with judokas’ own technical action.

ICID 1127451

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1127451

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