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Educational judo benefits on the preschool children’s behaviour
Katarzyna Sterkowicz-Przybycień, Artur Kłys, Ramdane Almansba
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2014; 5(1):23-26
ICID: 1127449
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Introduction. The aim of this study is to examine behaviour changes of pre-school children (4-6 years) who participate in judo classes as reported by their parents.
Material and methods. The survey was carried out among 46 parents. Teaching programme of their children lasted 16 months in average and involved agility and acrobatic exercises, ball games and plays, basic elements of judo taught using the pedagogical principle of difficulties tasks „from easy to difficult”. A survey questionnaire including one open question and 13 closed-ended questions was used to evaluate the behaviour changes of the children.
Results. Judo training showed a very strong positive effect (>80%) on children which was manifested in being satisfied with the judo-skills mastered. Also, we observed a strong effect (60-80%) in solving problems by the children, starting conversation about training, starting physical exercises at home during theirs leisure time, persuading others, helping weaker persons solve their problems, positive changes in attitudes toward physical activity and waiting for the training day. The parents reported that the judo training improved several variables of children’s behaviour such as fitness, self-discipline, serenity, prudence, courage, efficiency problem-solving, persistence in striving for achievement the goals despite the obstacles, socio-moral sensitivity, helping others and responsibility.
Conclusion. An educational judo programme give strong positive effect in behaviour preschool children and correspond to the socially demanded traits expected by families and teacher in school.

ICID 1127449

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1127449

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