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Investigation and comparing aggression in athletes in non- contact (swimming), limited contact (karate) and contactable (kickboxing) sport fields
Mohammad Ali Boostani, Mohammad Hassan Boostani
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2012; 3(2):87-89
ICID: 1047653
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Introduction. All of the people dealing with sport, it’s inevitable to encounter with the phenomenon named „aggression”. Rarely we can find a subject that is considerable as aggression and violence. To pay attention to above cases, the aim of this research is to perform a survey about aggression rate in some sport fields, compare this fields with each other and compare with non- athletes.
Material and methods. 105 elite athletes in different sport fields, subjects forms 38 persons in Swimming (non- contact sport), 32 persons in controlling Karate (limited contact), 35 persons in Kickboxing (contactable sport) that be in participate in second Iranian Olympiad in 2008, with 105 non- athletes. All of subjects complete aggression questionnaire, of Buss and Perry. After classification of questionnaires with the use of analysis of variance (ANOVA) with the comparison between different types, data obtained from aggression questionnaire.
Results. Finding of research indicates that significant difference be in the different parts of aggression between research types (p<0.001). Tukey test also shows that the most difference be in Kickboxing group and the least difference is in the karate and Swimming. Results shows that except Kickboxing field that is contactable and rough, athletes of other fields doesn’t have significant difference from aggression factors of non- athletes and this theory that athletes of non- contactable fields and limited contact with regard to non- athletes has more aggression doesn’t accept with the result of this research.
Conclusions. Against it seems that sport activities and especially sports with limited contact (like controlling karate) cause offloading energy and excitement and cause to decrease from aggressive behaviors specially in out- door sport environment, so that result of the research shows, aggression grades in athletes of controlling karate is also lower than non athletes that, this problem indicates modification role of sport activity in behavior’s of persons.

ICID 1047653

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047653

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