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An individual profile of Aneta Szczepańska’s technical – tactical preparation
Marek Adam, Aneta Szczepańska
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(2):125-131
ICID: 1047145
Article type: Case report
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Introduction. Together with the commencement of women’s judo world championships in 1980 and introduction of women’s judo into Olympic games in1992, research on analysis and the assessment of women’s technical-tactical preparations (PTT) has been carried on. The features of that preparation (PTT) have been determined by both, Polish and foreing researches. The purpose of this work was to determine an individual profile of Aneta Szczepańska’s technical-tactical preparation.
Material and methods. Aneta Szczepańska was Poland’s representative in women’s judo, who successfully played judo in international tournaments. She won, a silver medal during the Olympics in Atlanta 1996, and she secured the 3rd place at the World Championships in Makuhari 1995 , and another silver medal at the European Championships in Bucuresti in 2004, three medals at the European Team Championships (Hague 1994 – bronze, Trnava 1995 – silver, Sankt Petersburg 1996 silver). Eleven times she was an individual champion at the Poland Senior Championships. 252 contests were analyzed (she played those contests within the period of 1991-2008), and she effectively performed 287 attacks which gave her 2202 referee’s points.
Results. Aneta Szczepańska effectively used 32 judo techniques. An uchimata and osoto gari were her favorite throws, which she efficiently performed by left side of her body. She performed very effectively throws (nage waza) from ashi waza (leg throws), te waza (hand throws) and sutemi waza (“sacrifice” throws) groups.
Conclusions. The individual profile of technical-tactical preparation of that top sportwoman is an important factor in trying to find standard value. The Aneta Szczepańska’s index value (PTT) may be used in individual control of women’s judo training.

ICID 1047145

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047145

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