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Influence of karate exercises on motor development in pre-school children
Dariusz Boguszewski, Małgorzata Socha
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(2):103-107
ICID: 1047142
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Introduction. The goal of the study was to determine the effect of exercises with karate elements on physical fitness in preschool children.
Material and methods. The sample comprised 88 children aged 4.5-6.5 years. The study group consisted of boys and girls practising karate (n=30). The comparative groups included children participating in prophylactic-corrective gymnastics classes (n=30) and physically inactive children who did not participate in any form of movement activity (n=28). The applied tests evaluated physical fitness (explosive strength of the upper limbs – medicine ball throw, power of the lower limbs – standing long jump, agility – shuttle run, en durance of the abdominal muscles – sit ups, elasticity – forward bend), adapted for pre-school children.
Results. The girls who practised karate obtained the best results in all tests. The biggest differences (p<0.01) were noted in strength/ power of the upper and lower limbs and elasticity. Only no significant differences were noted in abdominal muscle endurance. Among the boys, karate practitioners obtained the best results in the tests assessing elasticity, power of the lower limbs and abdominal muscle endurance (although the differences in the last two parameters were insignificant). The biggest differences between the karate practitioners and physically inactive children were noted in the agility and flexibility tests.
Conclusions. Exercises with karate elements favourably affected motor development in pre-school children. Better results and bigger differences (between the studied groups) may indicate a lower interest in spontaneous motor activities among girls (especially these who did not attend any sport –recreational activities).

ICID 1047142

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047142

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