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Personality traits and eye-hand co-ordination in less- and more succesful young male boxers
Zbigniew Obmiński, Helena Mroczkowska, Irena Kownacka, Janusz Stabno
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(2):83-89
ICID: 1047139
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Introduction. The purpose of this study was to verify hypothesis, whether selected psychological features and visual-motor ability may be useful as predictors of success in boxing.
Material and methods. Thirty six young male young (age 15-17 years.) boxers varied by body mass (47-115 kg) were assigned to this examination. They underwent two psychometric tasks of various level of difficulty to assess eye-hand co-ordination and provided filled up standardized questionnaires for determination of personality profile comprised following traits: intelligence, trait anxiety, neuroticism, extraversion, aggression, negativism, suspiciousness, resentment, irritability, guilt sense. These variables were examined in two groups, one of lees- (n=19) and second of more (n=17) successful players. Over 2-year period each of examined boxer took part in various competitions, especially twice in these of the highest rank for youth: Polish Junior Championships and Polish Olympic Youth. To less successful group of boxers were assigned these players, who won only one bronze medal or had no medal on these four competitions, whereas more successful athletes won at least one gold or silver medal.
Results. The results showed, that both groups were not differ with respect to any psychological and psychometric features. Huge inter-subject variation was found for each variable in less- and more successful group. Conclusions. Present finding support the notion that neither examined psychological traits, nor levels of eye-hand coordination were predictors of success among young boxers at the beginning of their sport carrier.

ICID 1047139

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047139

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