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Motor skills reliability of the throws technique of the young SAMBO players
Andrey Bulantsov, Sergey Tabakov
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(2):79-82
ICID: 1047138
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Introduction. In the present research some modeling parameters were compared with competitions results.
Material and methods.The indexes of reliability of throws execution and ratio of reliable and unreliable athletes of entire assembly of youth have been defined. More than 60 athletes, 45 members of the Russian senior team and 20 youth athletes 15-16 years old were analyzed.
Results and Conclusions. In modern SAMBO often the result is defined by quantity of attempts of technical actions execution. If athlete tries to make throws more often than his rival, he has more chances to win. In this case it becomes necessary to know athletes’ parameters of activity (quantity of attempts during 1 minute), and also reliability of this parameter at competitions. Arrangement of activities’ indexes of entire assembly accords to normal arrangement, significant at p<0,05. In this case we can suppose that half of all youth athletes potentially will be unreliable at competitions under distracting factors influence (reliability 100% and more [10]). Trainers and athletes should consider parameters of athletes’ reliability during preparation to competitions when results are planed and also use these indexes analyzing main rivals.

ICID 1047138

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047138

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