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Estimation of body composition in adolescent judo athletes
Peter Clarys, Bart Geelen, Dirk Aerenhouts, Peter Deriemaeker, Evert Zinzen
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(2):73-77
ICID: 1047137
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Introduction. Adolescent judo athletes are often involved in weight reduction practices. Knowledge and adequate follow-up of the body compostion of adolescent judo athletes is of uttermost importance to guarantee an optimal growth and development in combination with optimal performance in an acceptable weight category. Regular follow-up of body composition requires reliable field methods.
Material and methods. In total 30 adolescent judo athletes (13 girls; 17 boys) of regional, national or international level participated in the study (mean age: 16.3±1.3 years of age). Body composition was assessed using 4 different technics and methods. It was the aim of the pre sent study to estimate body fat percentage with different field methods in comparison with the under water weighing technique as criterium value.
Results. Body fat percentage differed as a function of the used technique for the girls while values for boy where more homogenous. Strong correlations were obtained when comparing the different methods for the girls only. In adolescent athletes, follow-up of body composition should be carried out on regular time intervals.
Conclusions. Field methods may be used but comparison against a criterion methods is required. Due to the specific morphology of judo athletes a further standardization of methods to estimate the body compostion is required.

ICID 1047137

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047137

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