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Restoring proprioception after sports injuries and pathological states of the shoulder complex
Daria Domosławska
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(2):65-71
ICID: 1047136
Article type: Review article
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Proprioception is a specialized sensory function comprising of movement sense and joint position sense. Coordinated movement and proper functioning of the upper limb are essential in everyday life and in professional sport. Proper functioning proprioceptive integrates the function of static and dynamic stabilizers of the joints. It also provides protection against injury to the joints during movement and contribute to their proper functioning. Injury to tissues containing mechanical receptors may cause proprioceptive disorders and increase the likelihood of reinjury.
Physiotherapy has a rich resource of methods to restore efficiency following sports injuries. However, few programs for physical therapy take into consideration improving proprioception in the course of upper limb rehabilitation. Most of them seek to lessen pain, improve range of motion and restore muscle strength. However, this isn’t enough. For the treatment team, a major challenge is to understand the importance of proprioception in conservative as well as surgical treatment of injuries and subsequent dysfunctions of the shoulder joint complex. The team should take into consideration, in planning of program, physiotherapy of the elements improving proprioception.
In the process of regenerating proprioception, the following are recommended: grading of activity: joint position sense (JPS) and kinesthesia, dynamic stabilization of joints, reactive neuromuscular control, specific activity in terms of functionality.
The paper discusses problems involved in restoring proprioception. In addition to variety and specific character of sports injuries, pathological states of shoulder complex have been examined. The significance and necessity of restoring proprioceptive functions and neuro-muscular control in physiotherapeutic programs, as essential elements of prevention of injury, has been outlined. Selected means and methods of restoring proprioception have been presented.

ICID 1047136

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047136

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