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Exemplification of the institutionalization process of martial arts: the new development
Wojciech J. Cynarski, Artur Litwiniuk
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(1):49-52
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The issues of institutionalization of selected far eastern martial arts (MA) in Europe have been presented here on a few examples from the theoretical perspective of physical culture sciences, general sociology and the humanistic theory of martial arts. The aim of this piece of work is to indicate certain regularities occurring in the institutional development of MA. in all cases the process of unavoidable westernization and humanization of old martial arts occurs which, thanks to this, are introduced into the global cultural circulation.
institutional stability of a given MA organization is confirmed by its unchanged name, stable position of a formal or informal leader, who supports the institution with his authority, regularity of organized events, publications issued etc. The level of institutional development is also displayed in the fact of adapting classical martial arts for the purpose of teaching children and teenagers within physical education classes or extra-curriculum classes. it applies to both S. Sato’s attempts (nihon jujutsu) and those made by the representatives of idokan poland Association (idokan yoshin-ryu budo) as well as in case of the leaders of classical aikijutsu, although to a smaller degree.
Divisions, new adaptations and modifications of the contents taught in MA centers are probably unavoidable, although they may anticipate the end of classical traditions, and they are a proof that martial arts are still alive. Thanks to this budo evolves, develops. Moreover, founding of scientific associations for research of martial arts are the new example of the institutionalization process.

ICID 1047131

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047131

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