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List of tests for evaluation of motor ability level of advanced classical style wrestlers
Włodzimierz Starosta, Tadeusz Rynkiewicz
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(1):31-34
ICID: 1047121
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Introduction. The process of sport training requires rational development of movement abilities, as well as technical and tactical skills of the athletes. An improvement in its effectiveness necessitates not only the application of appropriate loads, but also the control of the scope and direction of the occurring changes. To allow an evaluation of the effectiveness of the training process and the level of movement abilities in advanced wrestlers, studies, the aim of which was to seek an optimal set of tests, were undertaken. Use was made of relative results, i.e. such results from which the impact on test results of body weight of the tested athletes was eliminated.
Material and methods. The studies comprised 45 wrestlers aged 15-20, with average training period amounting to 6.6 years and of sport advancement level ranging from the first to national champion sport class. A wide range of tests was applied to carry out an evaluation of general and special physical and co-ordination movement abilities [5]. Among others the following tests were performed: maximum rotation in a jump, zigzag run, run with forward roll, pulling up, flexing and straightening arms in support, pressing the barbell in lying, barbell clean and jerk, twisting bends of the torso, lifting the barbell to the chest, squatting with barbell, maximum leap, a 20m run, a 1500m run, bending of the trunk backwards, forward throw, backward throw, backward somersault, forward somersault, “scrambling”, “bridging”, “pressing from shoulders” and “bridging passes”.
Results. With the use of the method in which features are grouped, they were divided into several groups characterised by high mutual similarity. It was decided that of prime importance were physical, general and special coordination abilities. Tests, the results of which showed the smallest similarity, were also determined. Among them were: speed values in 20m and 1500m runs, results of tests of global movement coordination and basic body build indices.
Conclusions. An analysis of correlation indices was applied and a reduction of multiple regression was made to select an optimum set of tests for evaluation of general and special preparation of wrestlers. Furthermore, tests on the basis of a compromise between supplying sufficient range of information and avoiding considerable impediments in the implementation of the training process, were also included.

ICID 1047121

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047121

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