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Assessment of postural stability in traditional karate contestants
Wojciech Bajorek, Wojciech Czarny, Paweł Król, Marian Rzepko, Grzegorz Sobota, Artur Litwiniuk
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2011; 2(1):23-29
ICID: 1047118
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Introduction. The aim was to determine, basing on stabilographic examinations, and then to present, using mean values and measures, the abilities to maintain balance (COP) among the contestants of traditional karate in consideration of interactions between each other.
Material and methods. The investigations covered the group of 32 contestants from the Polish National Team, both males and females. Postural sway was measured with the use of force platform (AMTI ). The centre of foot pressure (COP) was registered with the frequency of 40Hz. NetForce software was used to register ground reaction forces during the trials. Time of each trial was 30 seconds.
Results. Higher postural sway, their range and length of COP pathway as well as postural sway velocity in mediolateral direction (ML) were observed in anterior-posterior plane (AP), which is a natural response of human body. All the variables differed significantly in both adopted positions (before and after leaning), pointing to a considerable deterioration of the body stability after adoption of the position of maximal leaning forward.
Conclusions. The condition of postural system during the test with closed eyes did not change in the studied group as compared to the non-disturbed conditions, which proves a very good state of the balance system and proper control of upright body posture. The results of the tests concerning maintaining unchanged position observed in the case of leaning forward point to bigger sway range, which, in consequence, leads to the increased external muscle torques which act on the joints in lower extremities.

ICID 1047118

DOI 10.5604/20815735.1047118

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