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Karate casus in Poland – towards sociology of martial arts
Wojciech J. Cynarski, Jarosław Walczak
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2010; 1(1):59-63
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In the perspective of developing sociology of martial arts and the humanist theory of far eastern martial arts the authors present the sociological reflection on the case of institutionalization of karate in Poland and – in particular – in Rzeszow. They discuss the phenomenon of development and popularization of karate on the global, domestic, regional and local scale. They analyze the role of the pioneers and the leaders of a given style as well as the transmission channels of different schools.
Karate is constantly changing, modifying and multiplying – new varieties being in accordance with new concepts of teaching, technique and tactics of fight or sport are born, or they may result from other understanding of the sense of the karate way. New styles emerge according to the regularity of 'completing the program' of a school with new added contents by the creator of this school.
The diversity of offers on the karate market is undoubtedly beneficial for a person interested in choosing the style suitable for him or her. Popularization and institutionalization of karate allows not only to practice different sporting varieties of karate on a high level, also in Rzeszow – the capital of the Podkarpacie region – but also valuable varieties of the way of karate rejecting sporting competition. On the regional scale, everything that concerns the cultural phenomenon of karate on the global scale is reflected.

ICID 1047053

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