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Maximal strength development in a yearly training cycle of judo competitors
Radosław Laskowski, Andrzej Suchanowski
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2010; 1(1):41-44
ICID: 1047041
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Introduction. According to Kenji Tomiki, athletic performance of judo competitors is affected by three basic and objective factors: flexibility and elasticity of muscles, static and dynamic strength and fitness of the neuromuscular system. The goal of this paper was to evaluate maximal strength of skeletal muscles, defined based on the results of standardized tests with a bar, performed during the general preparatory period included in the yearly training cycle of judo competitors. The outcome of the suggested training methods, oriented to the development of maximal muscle strength in judo competitors was evaluated.
Material and methods. The subjects were sports club AZS AWFiS competitors from Gdańsk (n=12, age= 22.4+1.8). Maximal anaerobic power was assessed using a 30-second version of Wingate Test, applied to lower extremities.
Results. The applied training methods significantly affected the levels of maximal muscle strength and maximal anaerobic power.
Conclusions. The applied methods of strength training may be used during judo training in order to increase maximal strength of the skeletal muscles and maximal anaerobic power.

ICID 1047041

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