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Fitness level of male competitive judo players
Miodrag Drapšin, Patrik Drid, Nikola Grujić, Tatjana Trivić
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2010; 1(1):27-29
ICID: 1047032
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Introduction. Judo is the sport in which movements are powerful, delivered in a short period of time, usually against the force of the opponent. Consequently, the main energy sources are high energy phosphates and the glycolytic pathway.
Material and methods. The aim of our study was to determine fitness level of 28 male competitive judo players from Serbia.We decided to evaluate fitness levels of judo players by measuring their muscular strength and anaerobic capacity. These were determined using a dynamometer and standard Wingate (WAnT) testing protocol.
Results. The measurement of muscle strength in the upper and lower limbs revealed increasing values throughout the weight categories (flexed arm strength 78±4.4 kg; extended arm strength 76.6±5.1; extended leg strength 168.3±15.9kg), yet in relative numbers (muscle strength/body weight) the highest values were obtained from the middle categories. WAnT results (peak power 767.3±74.4 W; mean power 654.2±39.8 W; fatigue index 38.6±6.6 %) among the categories are similar to the values obtained for muscle strength and the highest relative values were 73kg and 81kg and 90kg respectively.
Conclusions. Due to the similar test results of medal winners from World and European Championships it is necessary to further improve fitness level of our athletes.

ICID 1047032

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