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Thigh muscles flextion/extension ratio in elite judo players
Patrik Drid, Miodrag Drapšin, Tatjana Trivić, Milovan Bratić, Slavko Obadov
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2010; 1(1):21-25
ICID: 1047027
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Introduction. The female team won the 3rd and male team won the 5th place during European Team Championship in 2006. The goal of this study was to evaluate strength of thigh muscles, concerning flexion/extension ratio.
Material and methods. Our research was conducted among 28 (13 female and 15 male) competitive judo players. We suggest that it is necessary to determine whether there is an imbalance among two groups of muscles, which could interfere with technique delivery and increase the injury risk.
Results. Isokinetic strength testing revealed a 4.5 %difference between the left and right leg extensors. The average difference between left and right leg flexors was 9.9 %. The analysis showed statistically significant differences.
Conclusions. The authors suggest that the above mentioned differences should be corrected in order to achieve the best possible performance. Balance plate training is proposed for such corrections.

ICID 1047027

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