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Personality profile, stress coping styles and self-image of karate competitors with different attitudes towards meditation
Dagmara Budnik
Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2010; 1(1):15-19
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Introduction. The contemporary karate competition has been divided into multiple schools and styles. Karate styles differ in terms of techniques and karate schools, and the attitudes towards the course, methods and goals of training. The karate of nowadays is quite different from the karate practised many years ago. The goal of this paper is to analyse personality profiles, stress coping styles and self-knowledge in karate competitors with different attitudes towards meditation.
Material and methods. The sample comprised 115 karate trainees at different level of advancement from different regions of Poland.
Results and Conclusions. The results of the studies presented in this paper indicate that the individuals who are able to concentrate on themselves for a while turn out to be more peaceful, self-disciplined and able to control their emotions and reach the desired goal. Conversely, the individuals who consider meditation unimportant, lack these traits. Therefore, it seems justifiable to indicate the importance of motivation during training and to encourage karatekas to motivate during each session.

ICID 1047023

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